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Good News UAE Declared New Visa Rules

It’s no wonder that UAE is an ideal destination for individuals & investors looking forward to building a long term career growth. In other words, the UAE is an industrial hub to stay, work and invest. All you can see is a diverse economy ranging from real estate, constructions, trade & inventories, logistics, etc to name just a few. Are you planning to move to the UAE? We, the pioneers in attestation services Dubai, make your document clearance easier.

There is a new announcement from the UAE official website. They announced new UAE visa rules 2023. In other words, they have made changes in new entry visas, residence permits, Golden visa categories, etc. These new visa rules are recognised as an incentive to enhance Emirati SMEs that lead to development of business hubs in industries.

Everything You Need to Know on Dubai Visit Visa New Rules

UAE has introduced 6 recent changes in visa procedures which is famed as an advanced visa system. The latest update has increased fees for issuing Emirates ID, visit and residency visa. We hereby list 6 updations in visit visa:

  • No option for visit visa holders to extend their visa in the same country. In other words, for a visit visa holder, to resume your stay within the country, you can no longer stay in the UAE. As per the new rule, anyone with a visit visa must exit UAE and re-enter the country with a new visa.
  • Emirates ID and visa applications cost more than before. These new rules are revised by Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP)
  • 5 year multiple entry visa for tourists to enter UAE. In other words, upon self-sponsorship, UAE tourists can enter the country on each visit multiple times and stay for about 90 days. This revised rule however allows families from other country to spend their loved ones staying in UAE
  • As per overstay visa, visiting visa holders who exceed their stay beyond the limit should pay an overstay fine. In addition, he should apply for a leave permit in order to leave the country or exit through Dubai.
  • Issuance of 60 day visit visa permitted for those wishing to visit the country
  • Entry is permitted to visit families or relatives

Follow these rules and stay in your dream country. Are you looking forward to sponsoring a residence visa for family members? Similarly, are you worried about the entire documentation requirements? Contact us for all family visa services Dubai

Want to stay longer in the UAE? Get to know the new UAE visit visa extension new rules

Is your visa in the urge of expiry or recently canceled? Get in touch with us… UAE has updated visa extension rules 2023.

Extension options on arrival visas

You can opt for airport to airport visa change

If you are not eligible to extend on arrival visa, you have options for prepaid visa / UAE prepaid tourist visa before you fly to UAE

Once you arrive to UAE, you have visa extension options for renewing twice prepaid tourists visa, Dubai visa run to Oman, and airport to airport visa change

Above all, if your UAE residence visa gets canceled, you will get a grace period of about 30 days before your next migration. But what if you overstay beyond these extended 30 days? You will definitely be fined 50 AED per day.

Who is eligible for new employment visa rules in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is known as a business hub. Recently they announced UAE visa rules highlighting new employment policies. Scroll down to know more:

1. Remote work visa

Remote workers in UAE fall under this category. In other words, they can live in the country and work for their overseas employer. The validity of a remote work visa extends for one year and can be renewed.

2. Freelancer visa

UAE declared a new employment visa for self-employed individuals as well. They are eligible for a freelancer visa in which the professionals can work in the country even if they don’t have a company. Moreover, the validity extends for three years.

3. Dual-license system

This system is applicable for companies to operate both onshore and offshore. Similarly, foreign investments are also welcomed which enhance companies to do business in the country.

4. Retirement visa

The UAE has announced employment visas for people who fall under the age of 55. For instance, individuals under 55 are eligible for a retirement visa. The validity extends for 5 years and can be renewed.

Longer visas for certain professions

For particular professions say doctors, engineers, etc. can apply for new employment visa rules. In other words, they can extend the validity of a work visa from 3 to 10 years.

Not surprising, the visa rules and regulations are subjected to changes. Henceforth, it is better to get expert advice from immigration professionals.

UAE announced residence visa extension new rules

Extend your UAE residence visa… It states that the grace period following the expiration or revocation of an expat’s residence visa in the UAE has been increased from 30 days to 6 months. Henceforth, foreign nationals now have six months to leave the country or change their status and obtain a new residence visa. Did you know, during the grace period, there are no fines? This is a great opportunity to migrate from foreign nationals with the ease of doing business. For immediate assistance in attestation services Dubai, contact us.

You must first get a specific authorization and approval from the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the emirate. Get the approval from where your visa was issued provided, if you need to renew it sooner for travel-related reasons.

A guide to UAE family visa rules

UAE has declared new family visa rules for those individuals who have graduated from university of UAE or foreign university. According to new UAE family visa rules, parents need not have bank deposits that amount to AED 5000. In short, they can place bank deposits at AED 100 for initial issuance and renewal as well.

Enjoy the tax-free benefits, the modern infrastructure and the high standard of living which have attracted people to relocate to the UAE.

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