How to get a police clearance certificate faster?

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For instance, if you are looking forward to doing business shortly in UAE, or higher studies or job openings or visa applications, attestation of police clearance certificate is mandatory.

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Are you in search of a Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai?

Our expert consultants are available at your service. All you need is an attestation stamp from the UAE Embassy. It must be carried out from India, the nation where the certificate was granted. Moreover, a PCC cannot be granted to those entering another nation on a tourist visa. It applies to those seeking employment abroad.

Well, who is given a Police Clearance Certificate? Indian passport holders who have applied for residence status, employment, long-term visa, or immigration are given a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). As a result, PCC attestation includes both the initial authentication from issuing authorities and the subsequent authentication from

higher authorities.

What steps are included in a PCC Attestation for the UAE?

Do you feel the legalization of PCC is quite a time-consuming task? Until and unless the final attestation is by the UAE embassy, a step-by-step attestation process must be followed.

The steps for PCC attestation in Dubai are:

MEA Stamp

It is abbreviated as the Ministry of External Affairs and is defined as the central authorization, dealing with the external matters of the country. In addition, it is the final stage of legalization from the department of home government where an MEA stamp is attached along with the document.

Embassy Attestation

It is the last stage of authentication by most of the countries succeeding the Ministry of External Affairs. However, it is carried out in the corresponding country where the attestation of documents is resumed.

What is the period of attestation of PCC?

In general, the authentication of documents is a tiring process. In other words, it requires lots of documents for the authentication process. We have all that you desire, to attest to it faster. We provide top-notch attestation services in Dubai. The time period depends on various criteria to name just a few, say the country for which you need legalization, the kind of documents you need, or the organization you need it from. It usually takes between a few weeks and a month to finish.

What is the cost to get PCC attested?

The cost of PCC attestation in Dubai varies per nation. However, it depends on the urgency of the requirement as well as the location where the documents were issued. The cost of document attestation in the UAE may be affordable or expensive. It depends on the additional services offered, such as document pick-up and delivery attestation.

Why PCC attestation?

Applicants for PCC may be residents of Dubai or non-residents of Dubai. The documents for attestation are as follows:

A letter or legitimate Emirates identification card

A declaration in writing from the recipient.

Current photo, either a passport- or ID-size photo

A copy of the applicant’s visa

Let’s discuss a few benefits of PCC

To get employment in Dubai or another country

To shift or transform.

To obtain a visa to reside in Dubai.

To continue graduate studies abroad, etc.

Does the UAE require a police clearance certificate for visas?

Some embassies still suggest that people apply for this certificate even though it may not be necessary for all visas. If changes occur, they may guarantee a speedy and easy visa application process in this way. For instance, you can also require a PCC after returning home from the UAE.

How long is the UAE’s police certificate valid?    

It can be the time period specified on the certificate. In other words, it might depend on the requirements set by the nations where the certificate will be issued. For instance, the validation of certificates for UAE police clearance is three months after the day they were issued, as stated on the certificates.

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