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Is there a need for attestation before applying for a visa?

Each year, thousands and ten thousands of peoples are immigrating either for business needs, or seeking job opportunities or personal requirements. As a result, every country has set up certain rules and policies regarding travel. One of the regulations highlights certificate attestation. This is the fact behind attestation of every document, say, personal, commercial or educational certificates.

As you are aware, authentication of documents has become a matter of concern these days. However, irrespective of your requirements, certified documents play a vital role especially while applying for a visa application. BlueMoon Attestation is famed as the global leaders of MOFA attestation Dubai

Not surprising, these days, it has become a mandatory requirement for migrating abroad with family or just planning for a visit visa or admitting your child for schools or higher education abroad, etc. to name just a few, document verification seems crucial. In other words, always ensure that these documents are well attested and verified. No more confusion… We are here to serve you.

Do you want to move abroad?

Whether for the purpose of business meetings, official or personal tours or planning for relocation with family or individual purpose, reach us for attestation of documents.

Why is attestation services in UAE mandatory?

When going overseas for any reason, document attestation is a crucial service to authenticate your documents and credentials. It verifies the contents of your document, as well as your signature and stamp, to demonstrate its legality for official or legal purposes.

You must acquire your documents, say personal, educational, or commercial attested from the designated body. As a result, you can settle legally in the country. Regardless of whether you are preparing for further higher studies abroad or planning to get a resident visa to live with your spouse abroad etc., get your documents attested.

Why document attestation for visa application?

The process of verifying and confirming the legitimacy of your documents is known as document attestation. You must submit your original documents during the process. Well, at times, a photocopy of the document is however required. This copy must be validated and approved to sign or stamp on the designated place.  

On the basis of the purpose of your relocation abroad, you can be requested to verify the authentication of degree documents without moving to different documents. Moreover, this is required for the application and approval processes of your visa. Talk to our experts in attestation services in Dubai. We have all that you desire.

Do you have queries on the documents required for the attestation for visa application?

Above all, it depends on the purpose of your travel and to which country you are planning to immigrate. Follow these check list of documents:

·  Marriage certificate

·  Birth certificate

·  A divorce certificate provided the purpose is for divorce application

·  Educational or Academic certificates, including diplomas and degrees

·  Commercial agreements 

·  Business contracts

·  Religious writings

Do you know the different types of document attestation?

Clear all your queries regarding attestation services in UAE. We provide quality legalization services in accordance with client needs. To sum up the document attestation services, we hereby enlist the following categories:

·  State Attestation

·  Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA)

·  Embassy Attestation

Now we shall have a glance at these in detail…

State Attestation

Prior to MEA attestation, state attestation is mandatory irrespective of the type of document to be attested. For example, educational certificates require State Education Department attestation. Whereas for personal certificates, the General Administration Department of the concerned state should attest the relevant document. This attestation is done prior to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also known as Apostille. On the other hand, MOFA attestation is done after state department attestation.

Embassy Attestation

It is the attestation performed after the Ministry of External Affairs.

What is Apostille?

In the apostille, certificates are attested legally and are applicable to all countries related to Hague Convention. It is basically admissible to 92 nations where western world chooses Apostille.

Are you aware of the authorities who can attest your documents?

Attestation, in other words, is a sign and stamp on documents. Moreover, the attestation authority includes the State Government Department, and Ministry of External Affairs of the country.

Finally, after State and MEA attestation, Embassy attestation of the country you are planning to move is required. Do you know, for UAE and other Gulf countries, not only Embassy attestation but also MOFA attestation is necessary.   

Why visa getting rejected?

Are you in trouble for getting your visa application rejected? Have you ever thought of the reason behind the cancellation of your visa? Just as you keep strangers as outsiders away from home without any assurance that they might harm you. Similarly, foreign officials need to confirm your certificate legalization to ensure there is no duplication.

Document attestation and apostille has thus become so crucial these days. Any lag in proof submission or found duplicacy in submitted documents, certainly your visa gets rejected.

Do you know what happens if your visa gets rejected?

The answer is right here. Once it is rejected, you are not permitted to enter that country again for at least for a few years. Henceforth, approach to the top-notch attestation services in Dubai. BlueMoon Attestation is your attestation partner. Seek expert advice from our professionals. For those you still have no knowledge on the entire process of attestation, reach us. Whenever necessary, feel free to connect our guidance. Our expertise has all that you desire.

To sum up

Verification of documents is necessary to ensure the authenticity of certificates and no duplicacy is done over time. While undergoing the attestation process, you are required to submit all relevant original certificates, along with their photocopies. Meanwhile, after the verification process, you are handed a valid certificate to be attached with the documents submitted earlier.

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