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Let us help businesses and individuals with legal translation services in Dubai for documents, say birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, affidavits, power of attorney etc. whenever used for legal matters in UAE. We are the global leaders in translation services and are famed for being the top translation company in Dubai. Our specialized translators were successful in serving national as well as international clients under the domains of commercial, legal, advertising, medical, technical, marketing and financial & scientific businesses.

We translate

  • Contracts
  • Witness statements transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Confidential agreements
  • Wills
  • Complaints
  • Policies
  • Legal Declarations
  • Licenses
  • Documentation for litigation
  • Legal disclaimers, Arbitration translation, etc.

Why legal translations in UAE?

Say no to legal consequences due to incorrect translations. We ensure the translated document is true to the information contained in the original document. Our expert legal translators have in-depth knowledge of our country’s economic and legal processes and is known for legal translation services in Dubai, UAE. It is also helpful to update the previously translated documents. To sum up, documents are to be legally translated from any language to Arabic as it is the administrative language of the UAE government. 

When is it required to legally translate a document?

In case you need a residence visa for your wife to live in UAE, it’s just a matter of concern to attest the marriage certificate of their home country and finally to the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. The next step is to legally translate the documents.

Why BlueMoon Attestation?

The ability to translate from one language to another is something that many people possess. But the UAE government offices do not accept such kind of translation. According to them, specific credentials and skills are needed to translate from any other language into Arabic. Choose Bluemoon Attestation Services for which we have a staff of certified legal translators who adhere to UAE government standards policy. They are professionals in all facets of translation, including both general and legal translation services.

We are pioneers in translation services in Dubai and feel confident with the legal translations to become a proper translator. Under a stringent policy and human translation procedure, we adopt the latest technology to utilize technology. We are dedicated to our services and meet integrity, quality and customer satisfaction. Our motto is fast & reliable services that build a company reputation.

Our legal translators speak for you

  • Let us work hard-hearted and ethically.
  • We have mastered in technological discipline
  • A team with comprehensive knowledge of source language and target language.
  • Let us assist you in processing your legal translations


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