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BlueMoon Attestation is the most trusted attestation services in Dubai. We are the market pioneer in certificate attestation, translation, and PRO services. It also includes family & visit visa, business setup, education consultancy, online notary service, and police clearance.  Moreover, we are the global leaders of attestation services in Dubai, UAE enhanced by our professionalism and quality services.

Certificate attestation is an ongoing demand these days. In other words, people who migrate to other countries need immediate attestation services that are valued across UAE and abroad.

At BlueMoon attestation, we make your document clearance easier. Documents need to be authenticated in various formats. Does it seem to be a tedious process? Leave your attestation worries to us.

Is certificate attestation from several state departments & embassies bothering you? Welcome to BlueMoon Attestation, the best attestation company in Dubai ! However, let us build a global presence to make the whole process hassle-free.

Even though UAE is a central hub of starting a new business, the legalisation process is too lengthy. Consulting with us helps you reduce your cost and time. Let us help you in document clearance by getting notarization done from your own country, attestation done from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE Embassy or Consulate, and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of your country.


To ease the complex and stringent attestation procedure from scratch to finish. To sum up, we are the top attestation service providers in Dubai, UAE and. We strive to provide quality and affordable services by utilizing our in-depth expertise.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with fast, reliable, and secure attestation services. Meanwhile building long-lasting relationships with national as well as international clients.

Attestation Services in Dubai

Areas Of Expertise

PRO services in Dubai

PRO Service

Our expert PRO service provider handles regulatory hassles and renews trade license transactions

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Family & Visit Visa Dubai

Family & Visit Visa

Get in touch with our visa service team for all your family residence and visit visa requirements.

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business setup company in Dubai

Business Setup

Our professionals conduct market research and assist you in setting up a business or an enterprise.

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Education Consultancy

Our skilled and expert team of counselors guide you in selecting the right appropriate course, & educational center.

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Notary service in Dubai

Online Notary Service

Get in touch with our professional team of experts to proceed with the authentication of your documents.

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police clearance certificate

Police Clearance

Our expert designers have all that you desire to define your brand with stunning attention-grabbing visuals.

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translation company in Dubai.


We have a dedicated team of legal translators. However, we handle legal as well as general translation services.

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certificate attestation in dubai

Certificate Attestation

Let us carry out UAE attestation for your educational as well as non-educational documents hassle-free.

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Globally Covered Attestaion

India Certificate Attestation Services

India Certificate Attestation

UK Certificate Attestation Services

UK Certificate Attestation

USA Certificate Attestation Services

USA Certificate Attestation

UK Certificate Attestation services

Australia Certificate Attestation

Canada Certificate Attestation Services

Canada Certificate Attestation


Documents Attestation for more than 90 countries

Our Features

Free pickup and delivery

Free pickup and delivery

Pioneers in the attestation industry

Pioneers in the attestation industry

Our promise to our clients

Our promise to our clients

Expert professionals

Expert professionals

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

24*7 customer service

24*7 customer service

Why Choose Us?

Mofa Attestation in Dubai

Client satisfaction is our motto. In other words, our service is truly different. Get your documents notarized We authenticate, legalize, and translate across UAE and even abroad.

Do you want to obtain employment visa in Dubai, family visa or resident visa, or to pursue a higher degree in Dubai? We have a strategy for serving our clients right and on time with our reliable services 24*7.

However, BlueMoon Attestation, is the best MOFA attestation in Dubai. We are well-versed with the latest UAE laws and regulations. Our skilled professionals are expertise in attestation process and serve you better. Customer satisfaction is our motto. Let us ensure data privacy and document security. In other words, your documents remain confidential with us.

We assure

  • Guaranteed and fastest attestation processing time
  • Effortless experience
  • Free document delivery and collection,
  • Unparalleled expertise in the UAE attestation sector
  • Excellent customer service
  • Secure and highly confidential

Eliminate all your worries on attestation procedures

For any kind of certificate attestation or legalization, our experts get it attested in no time. Attestation is mandatory for any personal documents or business documents. Since UAE is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention, legalization of documents seems of crucial importance to check the authenticity of documents. Eliminate all your worries on attestation procedures. We are the top leaders of document attestation Dubai.

We are the right choice for handling all types of documents, say Birth, Marriage, School, Diploma, Degree, and Company documents. Our dedicated professionals are experts in UAE attestation, Mofa attestation, Police clearance certificate attestation etc.

Educational | Non-educational | Commercial

  1. For educational, migration, employment purposes in foreign countries, we attest degree certificates, diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, HSC certificates etc.
  2.  For non-educational certificate attestation, get your personal documents say birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, experience certificate etc. attested hassle-free
  3. For commercial document attestation, get the verification of all the documents depending on the business, trading etc. attested as per your requirements

Our vision is our best service. In other words, we are also famed as the top-notch attestation services in Dubai, UAE due to our trusted & timely service. 100% document security is assured. What are you waiting for? Let’s discuss your requirements. Feel free to connect with our experts for all sorts of attestation queries.


    What is attestation?

    A kind of evidence or proof to officially verify whether documents are authentic. Looking forward to the best Mofa attestation services in Dubai? Reach us.

    What is Apostille?

    An international attestation is legalized in a particular format which is acceptable to the Hague Convention. Designated authorities include embassies, ministries, courts or local governments.

    Do I need an Apostille or Attestation?

    Attestation is required to use documents in the UAE whereas Apostille is mandatory when documents are used in other countries of the Hague convention.

    What is the security of my document?

    Since decades of experience, we are famed as the top attestation company in Dubai. Our trained staff members have in-depth professional skills to handle your documents with care.

    How do you handle my information?

    Our skilled trainers ensure your document privacy and security. We are the global leaders of Attestation services in Dubai, UAE and respect your privacy.

    If the certificate is laminated, what will you do?

    We are the pioneers in MOFA attestation in Dubai. Initially, we remove the lamination and ensure no damage to the certificate. Our expert professionals however suggest avoiding the lamination of certificates as different countries have different attestations. Moreover, each time you remove lamination may, however, lead to severe damage as well.

    What if the document is in my home country? How can you get me the document attested?

    In over 110 countries, we have a counterpart where documents can be submitted and you can collect them from our office in UAE after attestation.

    How can I track it after I submit my original document to you?

    As one of the pioneers of the top attestation services in Dubai, we have all that you desire. Just check out our website via an online tracking facility. In addition, have a quick call to our support team and enquire about the status of your document.