Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in Dubai

A Good Conduct Certificate issued by the police department in Dubai certifies that the individual has no criminal history or criminal record. The certificate issued by Dubai police exactly lists whether a person has a criminal background which includes arrests, convictions, proceedings or not.

Why Attesting Police Clearance Certificate?

  • You might be excited to apply for immigration or you might be eager to pursue admission to a foreign university.
  • Along with foreign universities and visa offices, a few businesses in Dubai also require this certification.
  • Due to the fact that companies are required to affirm that their employees have never committed a crime, the Police Clearance Certificate is becoming an important document.

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Now apply for Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai

Those who are residing in Dubai or those who are not Dubai residents can apply for PCC. The following are the documents for attestation:

  • A letter or valid identification card from the Emirates
  • A written affirmation from the recipient.
  • A recent photo, either passport or identification size
  • A duplicate of the candidate’s visa

Benefits for attesting PCC

  • In order to obtain employment in Dubai or another nation.
  • To migrate or transition.
  • To acquire a visa for residency in Dubai.
  • To pursue advanced study abroad, etc.

Can the same PCC be applied in different nations?

Each certificate is issued in Dubai to be used solely in that nation. Applications must be submitted separately for each nation if clearance is needed for usage in more than one. When applying, you have the choice of asking for an English or an Arabic version.

How long is the validity of the clearance certificate?

The certificate’s expiration date may change significantly. It can be the time period specified on the certificate or it might depend on the requirements established by the nations where the certificate will be utilized.

For instance, certificates for UAE police clearance are good for three months after the day they were issued, as stated on the certificates. For the sake of uniformity across different jurisdictions, Australia, however, accepts police certificates for 12 months following the dates of their issuance for both visa and citizenship applications.

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