Notarize documents online

We at BlueMoon Attestation have come up to notarize documents from anywhere anytime. It’s that simple to sign up your document online and get it notarized in a few minutes. Our expert specialists ensure the notarial procedure is processed online with utmost efficiency and delivered on time.

Get online certified signatures hassle-free

Our online notary service provides certified signatures as per your requirements. Connect us 24/7 for fast and reliable notary services in Dubai. Let us handle your documents professionally.

 Is Online Notary Service Beneficial?

  • Greater accessibility & convenience

Notaries no longer need to gather near signatories to perform notarial services. Thanks to advanced technology. By avoiding in-person meetings, both parties can save time, hassle, and a lot of effort! People having no reliable transportation, residing in distant locations, work irregular hours, being housebound due to health problems, or having hectic work schedules may find it difficult to arrange a time for several signers. Here we introduce Notary Dubai with better convenience.

  •     Minimize fraud attacks

Our dedicated service ensures authentication via identity techniques.

Identity verification

Signers show their government-issued ID to the camera. A more thorough approach than an in-person examination by a notary without appropriate experience service.

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)

In several jurisdictions, signers must truthfully answer a series of questions about their histories, which is then verified against a third-party database. Before the signer can take part in the audio-visual session, their identification is further confirmed by completing the procedure.

Digital Certificates

With digital certificates attached to each notarial transaction, notaries public can increase their level of identity assurance and confidence,

  • Security matters!!

To further demonstrate the authenticity of a signed and notarized document, we use a few extra security elements.

Tamper-evident seal

A digital seal created automatically by the system aids authorities in determining whether a document notarized using online has been altered. A digital certificate may also be needed in some states for each notarial transaction.

Strong audit trail

As proof of a finished notarial act, the electronic journal and audio-visual recording are used.

 Is Online Notary technology authentic and safe?

Electronic signature standards have evolved as new technologies have emerged. Our Notary service in Dubai is becoming an on-demand service which is used as a quick and secure method of notarizing papers and agreements all around Dubai. Nevertheless, legislation might differ from state to state, so it’s wise to educate you on the specifics of this developing process and, if necessary, get advice from our experts.

 Why BlueMoon Attestation?

  •     We notarize your documents 24/7 from your comfort zone on any device
  •     A smarter platform that saves your time and effort
  •     Secured notarization process
  •     Reduced risk of identity fraud



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