Facts about certificate attestation

Facts about certificate attestation

Identify the facts about certificate attestation if you are ready to immigrate to the UAE, then definitely this blog has all  that you desire. In other words, all you require is a well-defined attestation process. We are here for a knowledge sharing session. Let’s check out some FAQs.

What is attestation?

Certificate attestation is a legal procedure or a kind of evidence. It is certainly to verify the authenticity of documents by government authorities.

What is the purpose of attesting documents?

Document attestation is necessary for employment visa, family visa, trade visa, etc, to name just a few.

How do you differentiate authentication – attestation – legalization -verification-notarization?

o  Authentication certifies proper identification of any personals.

o  Attestation defines proof that states that the document has been attested.

o  Legalization certifies officially that the signature, seal, or stamp on a document is genuine.

o  Similarly, verification refers to checking the authenticity of documents by any university.

o  Notarization simply means the process after relevant evidence is stamped, sealed, and signed.

How do you define apostille?

Apostille is an international attestation legally acceptable to

Hague Convention. On the other hand, to use your documents in other countries of Hague conventions, Apostille is however mandatory. For attestation services in UAE, reach us. Our experts are always available.

Is attestation done on originals or photocopies? If laminated, what is the procedure?

You should attest to the reverse of the originals. In addition, once laminated, our experts remove the lamination and hereafter attestation is done.

Do you want to attest educational documents?

You need to submit original certificates, the first and last two pages of passport copies, and a relevant visa or job offer letter.

What are the documents required to submit for attesting non-educational certificates

Non-educational certificates are birth, medical, death, divorce, affidavit, Pvt diploma, transfer and leaving certificates, experience, and provisional certificates.  To attest, you need to submit original certificates, the first and last two pages of passport copies, and a relevant visa or job offer letter. Are you looking forward to attestation services in Dubai?

 How secure is your document?

Our trained professionals have the skill and decade of experience. As a result, they can handle your documents with utmost care.

What if original documents are lost?

Move straight to your University/ College and proceed to submit a lost certificateapplication. Initially go to the police station within the territory where it was lost. Meanwhile, you file an FIR and set a copy after the duty officer gets it signed with the Indian Penal code on it. This is then used for applying for duplicate certificates.

Have you served global attestation customers?

We are famed as the best attestation service in Dubai. Similarly, we have served more than 90+ countries both national as well as international clients. It includes

India certificate attestation

UK certificate attestation

USA certificate attestation

Australia certificate attestation

Canada certificate attestation

How long does it take to attest educational documents?

Certainly, it takes 15 to 20 days for the attestation of HRD-attested documents. In other words, get your documents attested at ease from the ministry of external affairs, the UAE embassy & other departments.

In case you require an HRD or GAD attestation, first, it goes through a verification process. In addition, the time period depends upon the completion of University verification.

Is your document in the home country? How can you get back them attested?

Are you feeling hassle with your document in your home country? For instance, we have a counterpart in over 110 countries where you can collect the attested from our office in UAE.

How do you define authentication

Authentication is necessary for the country you intend to use your document. In other words, the country should not be a member of the Hague Convention.

What are the documents required for attestation?

For attesting educational documents, you require an original degree certificate added with a passport copy and a copy of the visa. Similarly, what if you need to attest a marriage certificate, or affidavit, or a birth certificate? The answer is right here. You need a copy of the original certificate of passport and a copy of your visa.

If documents are laminated, what are the criteria

Initially, the lamination of the certificates is removed safely and securely without any damage to the certificates. In the non-laminated area, we provide attestation stamps. However, we suggest avoiding certificate lamination. Diverse countries require different attestations on the certificates. Removing lamination from certificates may lead to undesirable damages to the original documents.

How can you track the attestation progress once submitted?

We are the top-notch attestation services in Dubai. Just check out our website or just have a quick call with our professional support team. They let you know the status of your document.

Are you confident in handling security?

Our team of experts handles document privacy and security. We value your documents and give due respect to your privacy.

What is the need for attestation

If you wanna submit legal documents in a foreign country, you should prove that it is genuine and legal. In other words, foreign governments need to verify whether the Indian documents are not fake. Also, the official signatures need to be proved for their genuinity.

Whether you are an Indian citizen or Sri Lanka or America, attestation is mandatory to verify your documents. Your documents are sent through different levels of departments. It includes the State level, Central level, Ministry of External Affairs, and finally from the country of origin for determining its genuinity.

For an employment visa, what are the documents required for attestation?

An employment visa requires the highest grade of educational documents for attestation. Meanwhile, all your educational documents do not require attestation. Jobs based on post-graduation qualifications, and graduation certificates need attestation. For applying for an employment visa, document attestation depends on the nature of your job.

Was this article beneficial to you? We are a one-stop solution to get attestation faster. For all your queries, feel free to talk to our experts.


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